Thursday, January 23, 2014

Sex Symbol: Valerie Kaprisky

I first noticed Valerie Kaprisky during my initial stay in Paris. As I might have mentioned earlier in this blog, those few weeks I spent there in the summer of 1984 were magical. And Valerie was part of that magic... She was on the poster for the movie "La femme publique" and you couldn't miss her:

A good friend from my home country, let's call him NZ, had also arrived in Paris at about the same time. He was a very ingenious guy. Back home he'd taught me all about airplane models (say the difference between a F-14 "Tomcat" and a F-15 "Eagle": the former's wings move back and forth for some reason!). He'd also managed to find in some dumpster some porn film (literally the film, not an actual tape we could play) and we'd strain our eyes trying to make sense of the tiny images. In Paris he built chess pieces out of cork plugs so we could play for cheap. And since he was as fascinated by "La femme publique" as much as I was, he convinced me to try to sneak into a movie theatre with him to see the movie, but our attempt was immediately spotted and stopped by an usher... To this day I haven't seen this movie.

Later on the same year Valerie Kaprisky had another movie that looked just as enticing, judging by the poster:

I saw that movie many years later on TV, but other than for Valery's physical attributes it didn't leave much of an impression to be honest.

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  1. she also played a Persian woman during the hostage crisis in an American TV movie around 1991