Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Memories-Part 9

remember late at nights, the music videos on a show called 'bonsoir les clips'

ANTENNE 2 / 1984 / BONSOIR...LES CLIPS!... by 70DELUXE2000

Also this song by Al Corley


  1. I didn't have easy access to the TV during 84 unfortunately... It was curfew by the time Bonsoir les Clips would come up. I did watch it a little bit in the summer of 85. I remember in particular seeing: Imagination by Belouis Some, Italian Shoes by Mink Deville, Vicious Games by Yello. It was a nice show because it played songs you wouldn't usually hear on the radio.

    As for Al Corley, there was a more obscure song as well, called Cold Dresses. Do you remember it? Al Corley was apparently an actor in some soap opera before trying his luck in pop music. He wasn't half bad either!

  2. yes, al Corley was in dynasty, do not remember cold dresses, though it's possible I saw the video just can't remember