Monday, January 20, 2014


Christelle was a tall and pretty classmate. She was, like most of my classmates, one or two years older than me, and so probably 15-16ish and looking more like 18 because of her height. It seemed that in Clermont-L'Herault it was ok to take your time finishing studying, or maybe they put me with those kids because they didn't have much hope that I'd do well.

More importantly, Christelle was into music (she was a fan of Jean-Jacques Goldman: nobody's perfect). And so I once asked her to make me a mixtape (under strict orders to include Alphaville's Big in Japan). This is what ended up playing on auto-reverse in my Toshiba walkman for weeks:

Because I'm a nice guy I made a YouTube playlist of this mixtape just for YOU!

As you may have noticed, side B is a little bit short. But that was ok because I discovered that the mixtape was taped over some older songs, and so the rest of side B ended up revealing some older songs:

- David Bowie - Let's Dance
- Falco - Der Kommissar
- Soft Cell - Tainted Love

But I didn't know what those songs were (they were already too "old" for NRJ to play them anymore), I didn't have Google and I didn't want to sound ignorant and uncool by asking my classmates, so it took me quite some time before I could put a name on them.

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  1. remember just about all those songs at the time