Sunday, January 5, 2014

Music/Television/Film/News/Soccer from 1984-Part one

My musical nuggets for today are Wham's Freedom and Jeanne Mas' 'Toute Premiere Fois'
I don't know if both songs were released in 1984 or before, but they were hits around the time we were there

On TF1 I remember Stephane Collaro's Cocoricoco, which was a daily half hour show if I recall correctly with comedy sketches

Cocoricocoboy 1984 by cdipre
Cocoricocoboy Emission TF1 1982 Stephane collaro by CrunchyPanthera

As far as movies, I remember seeing the first 'Police Academy' that year

For Political event, I do remember the Indira Gandhi Assassination


For Sports, the Football fan that I am remembers France's win the European Championships with Platini at the top of his game
this match vs Yugoslvia summed up his year

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  1. Cocoricocoboy was a very popular show at the time. Stephane Collaro was the main guy, and Jean Roucas (the guy with the glasses) would do the impressions. The "coco girls" did a different little dance each time, if I recall correctly, but they only had a couple of songs ("Ce mec est too much" is one). The part I liked was the "Bebete Show" at the end, with the political muppets, which is included in your videos. Lots of silly puns that have aged badly.