Monday, January 6, 2014

Memories-part two

I remember on Saturday nights we often watched the program 'Champs-Elysee' hosted by Michel Drucker, from what I remember it was a variety show like the old 'Ed Sullivan Show'

It was musical acts and celebrity interviews

And of course your school going experience would not be complete with those lovely colorful Clairefontaine notebooks

22.09.1984 - Champs Elysées - MAT by moon1000

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  1. Champs-Elysees was on every Saturday night at 8:35pm on Antenne 2. That episode you posted is a pretty important one, as it was probably the first time Mylene Farmer appeared on a big TV show. "Maman a tort" was a great song, with its underlying tension and unease; there was something sad yet dirty about it. It could have become a great hit in clubs had it been remixed to bring the disco rhythm to the foreground. The problem often with the production of French pop songs is that the voice is on the foreground and the music is a mush.